Maiello & Manzi

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Agency Mission Statement

The purpose of this mission statement is to express the agency’s commitment to all clients and the company representation for years to come. Our objective is to provide professionalism, dedication, and excellence in all areas of operation.

The mission statement is embodied in the following corporate objectives: Providing exceptional client service through teamwork, positive attitudes and open and informative communication with clients. Operating with clearly defined profit centers and a dedicated management unit to support client service functions and to ensure continued growth and profitability. Encouraging all employees to upgrade their skills and technical knowledge through continuing education and enrollment in professional programs. Operating and continually upgrading technology systems to improve customer service and coverage delivery.

Representing only those insurance companies that can provide a broad range of products and services that will match the needs and requirements of the firm’s clients. We will only use companies with the financial strength to maintain the high-level demand for service and stability we promote. We will establish the agency as a partner in the community. While our basic philosophy will be sales oriented, we will always strive to offer excellent service to all clients. The level of service will be consistent with each and every account. We will not discriminate based on any factor.

Personal Insurance

Auto Insurance

Make sure you have the proper coverage for your car and yourself as a driver. We have over a dozen different providers that will suit you for your needs.

Life Insurance

If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance. 

Boat Insurance

Don’t set sail or go out to sea before speaking with our agents on the best options for your boat policy.

Flood Insurance

It happens when you least expect it but being prepared for the worst scenario is our job.

Health Insurance

Nobody plans to get sick or hurt, but bad things happen — even to healthy people.

Home Insurance

Protect your family and your home with a policy that covers one of the most valued assets in your life.

Business Values & Ethics

Our Core Values


We are honest with our clients


We value our clients and are deeply committed to safeguarding their information


We are action-oriented, constantly striving to deliver results


We take responsibility for our attitudes, actions, and judgments


We work as a team and empower our associates to achieve excellence


We are dedicated to continually improving our products, our operations, and our clients’ satisfaction


We value a fact-based, information-rich decision-making process


We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners

Pledge of Ethics

TO THE PUBLIC WE SERVE: We pledge to strive to maintain the expertise necessary to protect our client’s interest first.

TO THE COMPANIES WE REPRESENT: We pledge truth and the desire to fulfill our commitments to the greatest extent.

TO OUR COMPETITORS: We pledge to compete in the same manner as we would like others to compete against us.