Motorcycle / RV Insurance

This type of policy coverage protects you against the cost to repair or replace of your Motorcycle or RV and/or another person’s property that’s damaged as a result of an accident caused by operating a motorcycle or recreational vehicle.

What Is Covered?

The same financial consequences as those covered in auto insurance policies apply to motorcycle / RV insurance including:

Damage to vehicle

Property Damage



Injury to the insured

Injury to others

Personal liability

Accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers

RV or motorcycle Insurance

How Does it Work?

Recreational vehicle policies cover more than what car insurance covers, primarily because owners keep more personal items, such as outdoor equipment, in large recreational vehicles. Motor homes may have cooking facilities, refrigeration, and bathrooms. Motorcycles may be covered for custom parts and equipment. Most states require you to carry liability insurance. Other kinds of coverage are optional.

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